Art Cafe "Van Gogh"

31/3 Tumanyan str.


We want everyone to welcome to Art Club Van Gogh.
It's a cosy and attractive place.

Getting to our club, you will have to travel down a spiral staircase and you will come to a glass door.
When you walk in there, the first thing you will notice the walls painted in bright colors in Van Gogh style. 

We have an excellent ventilation and a heating floor to feel comfortable in cold winter days.

In the daytime, it’s restaurant with a varied menu. In the evening you can enjoy drinks, beers and cocktails. We have a cool staff and a great bartender. We are open late every night. The club is equipped with a high class audio system, so you can enjoy a good music and live performances.

Our club is the perfect party venue, it can accommodate smaller gatherings as well as larger parties.

It’s also a right place for art exhibitions, so if you have something to be shown, we are ready to assist you.


  • free entry
  • payment cards
  • banquets
  • wifi
  • 50 seats