Republiq square


  On March 15th, 2012, a unique music and dance project called the ‘Armenian National Show’ will be launched at the Ararat restaurant in Yerevan, presented for the first time in Armenia by the company ‘Folk Dance’. The show will be split into two parts. During the first part you will be introduced to the traditions and national culture of the Armenian people. Your ears will be opened to the mystical sounds of the ‘Duduk’, you will watch charming women playing a ‘Qanon’, and throughout the show you are guaranteed to be enthused by the ecstatic passion of rhythmic Armenian dance. 

      In the second part of the program our showman will entertain the guests by singing popular hits in the native languages of our visitors. As the show evolves, many fascinating competitions and surprises will be presented. 

      During the two-hour show our guests will enjoy not only the wonderful and exciting entertainment, but also traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine and a selection of fine Armenian wines spending only 19500 dram.


  • free entrance
  • parking
  • payment cards
  • banquets
  • service 10%
  • wifi
  • 3 halls
  • 1st  100 seats
  • 2nd 40 seats
  • 3rd  25 seats