The Club

40 Tumanyan str.


"The Club" is one of those places of the city, where you have the opportunity to conform your holidays according to your mood and your desires. "The Club" is a restaurant-cafe-tea house, which gives you ample opportunity not only for site selection, and the choice of type of your leisure time.

In the tea house "The Club" you can enjoy different types of tea, which help you relax your body and soul. You do not even notice how acquires unique rest after a hard day.

In the cafe "The Club" you will feel what a harmony. Here you can enjoy Maria Sole Espresso coffee is fried on an open fire of olive wood, and watch art-house film.

At “The Club” restaurant you will be waited by refined dishes as traditional and chef cuisine. Chefs of restaurant "The Club" offers you unique dishes that you nowhere did not see.

In "The Club" is a concert hall where are often held concerts of the best Armenian and foreign musicians. And lovers of art song "The Club" invites to conducted weekly concerts of the best performers of city-folk songs. A cozy atmosphere will help you escape from everyday worries. In "The Club" you will also find books, pottery, canvas and other souvenirs reminiscent of Armenian traditional custom. Perhaps you will not find everything, but you will always find something interesting in "The Club".


  • free entrance
  • parking
  • payment cards
  • banquets
  • wifi
  • 3 halls
  • 1st  60 seats
  • 2nd 20 seats
  • 3rd  50 seats